We Solve Your Law Firm’s IT Problems!

Wondering why clients aren’t responding to your emails? Is your computer performing as it should? Or maybe you’re concerned about the security of sensitive data? We’re here to help!

Corporate Email – Maximum Protection and Efficiency

If your emails end up in the SPAM folder or clients complain about lack of response – you might have a problem you’re not even aware of.

  • Email is one of the main communication tools but also one of the most popular vectors for cyber-attacks.
    🛡️ Our Solution: We provide comprehensive protection for corporate email! We guarantee that your correspondence reaches the recipients and is fully protected against unwanted intruders.


Sensitive and Confidential Data – Complete Security

Contracts with penalty clauses for information leakage? You need to protect yourself!

  • Personal data of employees and clients is not just a valuable asset but also a great responsibility.
    🛡️ Our Solution: With our “Secure Company” package, we ensure all your data is properly secured and compliant with GDPR. We have answers to all your concerns!

Corporate Electronic Equipment Maximum Efficiency – Zero Problems

Did you know that a poorly configured computer can cost you up to 40% of effective work time? It’s a waste of time and money!

  • Threats such as viruses or unsecured equipment can pose a real problem for your firm.
    🛡️ Our Solution: We’ll help you optimize equipment to ensure it’s not only secure but also maximally efficient. With us, your employees will work more effectively!

Access Management and Permission Control – Full Control Over Access to Your Resources

Secure Your Law Firm with Us! Do you know who has access to your firm’s key resources and when? Are you worried that unauthorized individuals might access confidential documents, threatening your business?

  • 🛡️ Our Solution: With our advanced access management and permission control service, you can be sure that only authorized persons have access to sensitive data and resources. With us, every activity within the system is monitored, and unauthorized access attempts are immediately blocked and reported.

Secure Your Law Firm with Us!

Take care of another aspect of security in your law firm. We’ll help you with this so you can focus on what you do best – providing professional legal services to your clients!


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Konferencje na żywo

Konferencja Cyber Security Masters Summit V


The 6th Edition of the Cyber Security Masters Summit Conference is ahead of us! November 7, 2024, see you at Microsoft Poland in Warsaw. Registration is free via the link in the event. Limited seating up to 140. Valuable prizes worth a total of 20,000.00 PLN up for grabs. We invite business owners, individuals responsible for IT (CTO, Head of IT, IT Director, IT Manager, IT Supervisor, Team Leader).
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Śniadania biznesowe

Śniadania Biznesowe

Business Breakfast – IV Edition June 20, 2024, Domaniewska Street, Warsaw

Join us for a business breakfast focusing on cybersecurity! This is an excellent opportunity to meet with experts, familiarize yourself with Microsoft solutions, as well as Jamf and Yubico, and exchange ideas on managing security in the business environment. All this accompanied by delicious coffee and crispy croissants.
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